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About WorkWatch Business Solutions

WorkWatch, with our worldwide team of software professionals, offers real-life solutions for improving operational safety and efficiency in all industries. In today’s world, we understand that all of us need to take a closer look at safety issues like sanitization and the impact of employees’ and patrons' health on business operations. Let WorkWatch Business Solutions—backed by the ThingLogix Foundry platform and based on Amazon Web Services' cloud—help you protect yourself with our suite of tools that will enhance your management systems. Through our easily integrable software, hardware and safety solutions, our team can help you meet external and internal compliance systems requirements, keep your staff and customers healthy and safe and let you concentrate on growing your business.

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We’re proud to provide you a range of enhanced safety solutions and compliance systems tools

Making sure your employees and customers are safe and healthy should not be an additional management burden, and with WorkWatch, it’s not. We’re proud to offer you such a quality array of both software and hardware that makes it easy to create a compliance system that works for you. We take care in partnering with companies like Laird Technologies and OnLogic that create the highest quality tools that will work seamlessly in your day-to-day operations. We will take the same care in partnering with you when it comes to customizing a system unique to your business.

There is no basic WorkWatch package and there is no basic customer. We listen to understand which safety solutions are important to you. 

Because WorkWatch is a customizable product, our team of software and management professionals is available to provide the attention and care for each unique WorkWatch client. There is no basic WorkWatch package and there is no basic customer. Our team listens to your input about your safety needs, and provides efficient safety solutions; you do not pay for items that do not make sense for your business. We are committed to frequent and clear lines of communication with you so we can build solutions and a relationship with you of which we are proud.

We focus on the future of workplace safety 

We live in an ever-changing world. Businesses of all kinds—from manufacturers to restaurants—must be ready to make adjustments at a moment’s notice based on trends, the economy, regulations. But one thing will stay the same: how a business maintains and cares about  its workplace safety will always be a hallmark of the quality of work it does and its reputation. Let WorkWatch be your navigator through things that change and those that don’t.

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See how WorkWatch Business solutions can be your best partner in workplace safety and compliance systems. No matter your industry or size of your business, we have a solution for you.

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