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Lobby Management

WorkWatch lobby management solutions impact both corporate health & security


Eliminate the security issues of paper visitor logs


Automate front desk & lobby entrance notifications


Have critical data on visitors for contact tracing, security or legal tracking


Eliminate the need for repeat visitors to re-log their data

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Your lobby -- a different place in the “new normal”

We may have needed to recognize this long ago, but one positive impact to pandemic safety has been the realization that well-kept information on who comes through your entrances and lobbies is more critical. Even as we return to a more “normal” life post-pandemic, we can use this knowledge to improve employee health and asset security. 


Paper logs simply don’t cut it anymore. Automated, and even pre-arrival check-ins are the best way to ensure you have a record of visitors. That data enables tools like easily customized visitor badges and passes. And, beyond the lobby, you can integrate check-ins with HR, access control, facility management and asset/inventory management systems.

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Pre-entry lobby screening solutions

WorkWatch can provide a robust, hands-free and customizable pre-entry screening process that allows you perform symptom checks and generate day passes or other access badges easily. WorkWatch. Passes save visitors from typing in their details every time they visit an office that uses WorkWatch.

Lobby space management

Lobbies can have very challenging space management needs. Measuring distance with sensors or beacon tracing can help maintain proximity and distance between people. WorkWatch is an ideal space management system because it is contactless and accessible to you 24/7 on any device. Display important information about capacity, wait-times and more with the customizable digital signage that works in conjunction with kiosks and other WorkWatch modules.

A healthy lobby is a happy lobby

Integrate WorkWatch temperature sensing devices, mask-recognition and environmental sensors to keep your lobby healthy. Facial recognition and advanced image processing combine to provide no-touch check in and check out as well as determining compliance with mask wearing and social distancing protocols. Environmental  sensors can Measure air and environmental quality to help maintain a safe facility. Integrate affordable AI-based fever detection as well.

WorkWatch lobby management solutions are all powered by and supported on our robust AWS-based API ensuring you can build custom applications, integrate easily with your existing systems and generate robust long-term or on-demand reports.

No matter your industry, be sure to keep your business, school, restaurant or retail lobbies healthy and safe.

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