Workwatch Partner Solutions

Workwatch partners provide technology and service solutions that seamlessly integrate with the world's first Workplace Compliance Management System. Harness the power of connected devices to make your workplace safer, more efficient and smarter. 

Thermal Screening

Infrared Cameras Inc

American Medical Grade FDA Approved Thermal Cameras with a long track record of febrile screening for disease outbreaks.


A wide range of cameras that can be easily integrated into Workwatch using our Edge micro-services. The industry leader in thermography equipment. 


Unmanned cameras for facial recognition and elevated skin temperature screening. A low cost alternative to FDA approved cameras.

Kiosk Systems

ELO Touch

Modular touch screen solution options to support thermal screening, QR scanning, badge printing in a fully configurable form factor. 

Deco Lighting

Deco lighting provides a fully integrated guest check in solution that integrates with Workwatch.

Custom Kiosk solutions for heavy use applications. A reputation for building excellent kiosks with various options including anti-microbial screens.

Social Distancing and Positioning


Quuppa is the industry leader in indoor positioning solutions. Highly accurate bluetooth locators with customizable tokens provide social distancing and asset tracking. 

Laird Technologies

Sentrius BT710  tracker provides user alerts and RTLS location capabilities over long-range Bluetooth 5. Integrated to Workwatch for social distancing and contact tracing.

Gateways and Connectivity


Reliable edge computing power to run your entire Workwatch Solution. Small, affordable and easy to set up and configure. 


Industrial IoT gateways to power your Workwatch solution. Highly customizable to meet your needs.