Frequently Asked Questions

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How can my company use WorkWatch?

Workwatch can be used as the foundation for any workplace compliance initiative. Customers are able to: - Create a worksite plan - Automate work item reminders that tie back to your policies - Apply sensor based solutions and tie those to your workplace plan - Manage your thermal screening equipment

Where do I setup my WorkWatch System?

Workwatch installation is flexible. The system itself is cloud based. So for basic Workwatch, you just need a browser and an Internet connection. Workwatch screening stations should be implemented in an environmentally controlled location. Screening operators can be placed near the stations to manage people through the screening process.

Is my data secure with WorkWatch?

Workwatch installs into your own AWS account so you retain full control over your data and it's not intermingled with anyone else's. We have an option where we can host your instance. All of your data is always secure and encrypted.

Can WorkWatch screen multiple Staff Concurrently?

Workwatch makes it possible to manage and screen multiple individuals at the same time. Your thermal cameras are all connected to the same Workwatch account and screening station operators can view and operate any camera on the network. We still recommend that you screen individuals one at a time at each screening station.

Do I need to be next to my WorkWatch Camera?

Workwatch thermal cameras can be managed from any location. As long as your camera is on the same network as your operator station, you have full control over the system. Workwatch can be setup to passively screen people if your preference is not to run a manned screening station.