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WorkWatch provides compliance management for many industries

Employees. Customers. Isn’t that what every industry is about? Whether your business is to serve food or make electronic parts, it’s nothing without people, your most valuable asset. WorkWatch wants to be your trusted partner in compliance management tools to help keep them safe and protected.



WorkWatch enhances your restaurant management systems to protect people & improve efficiency.

Every restaurateur knows the importance of a carefully chosen and designed restaurant management system. Our software and supporting hardware components easily integrate with your existing RMS to enhance safety and make daily tasks easier to perform.



Protect students, teachers and others with options like temperature scanners, attendance monitoring, and more.

If there is one place our children should be safe outside of home, it’s school. And educators need to concentrate on the hard work of feeding growing intellects, not being safety monitors. With WorkWatch safety solutions, parents and administrators can feel comfortable knowing the right technology is doing the work of enhancing safety -- whether in a pre-school, elementary school, high school or college. Body temperature scanners, attendance monitoring and more will ensure hungry minds and bodies are protected while getting the best education.



Can features like WorkWatch’s incident management tools offer you more layers of safety?

In talking to manufacturers, they’ve told us what keeps them up at night is the idea of a safety incident that both harms an employee and shuts down the line. Any preventive safety measures they implement helps them to rest easier. We’ve designed WorkWatch incident mana....



Look to WorkWatch offerings like thermal cameras and sensors to help keep traffic flowing

The old adage “when it rains, it pours” fits the retail business in terms of customer flow. You can go from one customer to many in moments. Retailers can use automated systems to know the density and presence of customers in your store for both safety and monitoring shrinkage. WorkWatch offers you solutions like traditional and thermal cameras and sensors to monitor customer density and flow, leaving your employees free to concentrate on sales.

Protect people. Protect business. With WorkWatch.

Is your industry in need of compliance management upgrades? 
Ask us about customizing a suite that meets your needs.

Your industry makes your space, your employees, your management needs unique. So when it comes to compliance management, one size does not fit all. WorkWatch business solutions can be easily customized and integrated into your existing management systems, creating safety solutions that work for you, your employees and your customers.

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