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Workplace Health & Infection Control

WorkWatch offers solutions that help manage Workplace Health & Infection Control with temperature checks and mask recognition


Global events have called attention to the importance of Workplace Health & Infection Control


Travel enterprises, restaurants, food manufacturers and many other industries have implemented temperature checks and mask policies. Have you?


Are health or infection concerns now a part of your workplace compliance plan?


WorkWatch offers solutions that can easily integrate with your current workplace health and compliance systems.

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Temperature Monitoring

WorkWatch integrates with sophisticated, medical-grade thermal imaging cameras and handheld units that provide compliance-driven, accurate temperature sensing and reporting. When Integrated with our powerful software these devices can provide no-touch temperature checks. In addition, we provide enhancements to your enterprise systems that allow for daily symptom check surveys and day-pass access to your workplace -- both employees and customers.

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Face and mask recognition

Facial recognition and advanced image processing combine to provide no-touch check in and check out as well as determining compliance with mask wearing and social distancing protocols. When combined with our cutting-edge artificial intelligence, cameras analyze the environment and let you know if something doesn't look right -- like a missing mask or a patron exhibiting certain symptoms like sweating, coughing or sniffles.

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Environmental and sanitation sensors

Breathe easier. Literally. WorkWatch integrates with environmental sensors to help measure air quality to help maintain infection control and a safe facility. And as we all know, handwashing is key to minimizing the spread of many contagions, so sensors can be provided to ensure staff are doing a thorough job and alerts set as reminders for staff to regularly wash up.

Want to keep your workplace health in peak condition? Learn how WorkWatch solutions can keep your workplace healthy!

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