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WorkWatch Education Solutions

Let Workwatch help you protect teachers, administrators, and most importantly, students


Easily integrate WorkWatch education solutions with other education security, compliance and operations systems


Make meeting your institution or community’s compliance standards the easiest part of your day


Keep your students, parents, faculty and support staff safe

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Parents and experts agree students need to be back in school as soon as possible. Studies show the vast majority do better in an in-person learning environment. This belief, of course, is tempered by the fact that we want our students and those who educate and care for them in the safest environment possible. With easily integrated health and safety hardware and software, WorkWatch education solutions support the return to safe educational environments.


Let us help keep students safe

We offer tools like health check-in kiosks, face and mask recognition, and space capacity monitors so administrators, educators and other staff can have safety information at their fingertips, and can adjust accordingly. These solutions provide assurance to your community, parents and students that your institution takes safety and health very seriously.


Our software also helps manage staff duties

WorkWatch education solutions multitask by giving your staff tools to ensure they are working efficiently. A task management system will alert your janitors when it’s time to clean the bathrooms or sanitize classroom surfaces. It can automate attendance report reviews to ensure classrooms are not overfilled. Easily create and keep daily compliance reports. Educators who support and teach our children are often overworked; we’re here to help.

Cutting-edge hardware ensures student safety

Our partners create amazing hardware that work seamlessly with WorkWatch software. Thermal cameras, air-circulation sensors, and safety/status signage all work together to keep every corner of the school safe and monitored. These tools also keep your employees well-informed so they can be a part of your solutions and react quickly to any situation.


The WorkWatch Mobile App

Makes WorkWatch Education Solutions work for your entire team

Define your administrative solutions in the WorkWatch application. Then add any team member as a user and install our handy dashboard on their mobile device(s) to:

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Send team members’ automated task reminders

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Allow them to check off completed tasks

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Receive alerts about crowds, mask issues or virtually any sensor data you’ve set up in the main application


Packages for Educational Safety and Profit

From the office to the cafeteria and classrooms, monitoring space and occupancy numbers is key to students’ safety. WorkWatch offer various solutions -- cameras or SD sensor tags -- for example, to aid you with occupancy management


Our cameras can be set up to monitor mask compliance by employees, support staff, visitors and students. You can customize alerts based on settings you define.


Now every individual attendance record can be tied to a temperature check and/or symptom survey to ensure best health practices.

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Educators’ duties never end. Sometimes, it’s hard to keep track. A workflow automation plan ensures daily tasks -- including those that ensure health and safety -- are completed without fail.

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With WorkWatch, easily create and access reports that help you see both your successes and items that need improvement. No more guessing what solutions will work.


Adding WorkWatch Education Solutions to your current system is easy

Educators -- you have enough on your mind. Let WorkWatch ease your workload by ensuring the health and safety of your faculty, support staff, students and YOU with our high-quality, easily-integrated, easy-to-operate solutions.

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