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Time, Attendance & Access Control

WorkWatch Time and Attendance and Access Control solutions help you maximize labor efficiency and protect your premises


Automated management of time and attendance, and access to your premises is a time, labor and money saver and efficiency win.


Save time by disposing of manual, analog or other antiquated processes and the double and triple checks they require.


Save labor hours and money by seeing reports that show trends in time and attendance needs in relation to your business’ traffic.

Access control meets time and attendance with entry and exit management


These days, access control solutions are more closely aligned with time and attendance. Access control solutions secure more than just entry and exits to your premise, but also help secure supplies, inventory, equipment or any area that should have limitations on access. 

And access control isn’t just a theft protection application these days. Controlling access to minimize health risks to employees and customers is a reality.

Maximize efficiency by reducing missed punches, accurately timing breaks, understanding the nuances of assigning shifts within roles -- from line worker, to teacher to wait staff to cleaning crews!

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Access for Employees

We can help you assess your needs for access control as it relates to your time and attendance processes. Integrate with HR tools for both payroll needs and ways to find labor efficiencies

Access provides a safety check for customers & patrons

Grant access to customers on your premise via customizable security clearance passes. For example, you might offer individualized entry passes to healthy guests based on their responses to health surveys completed before coming in your store.


Sophisticated software enables alarms, alerts and integration

Stay on top of compliance needs with automated alarms, alerts and integration with your other operations systems. And know that WorkWatch software reporting can identify changes that might need to be made because of large concentrations of alarms and alerts.

Want to know more about WorkWatch Time & Attendance and Access Control Solutions?

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