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People Counts & Space Management

Why do you need people counts & space management? 


Use people counts to plan for staffing and service during peak hours


Track internal productivity in relation to the quantity of staff on your retail or manufacturing floor


Have critical people count information at events, in school buildings or other places where a breach of security might occur


These are just a few reasons to implement automated people counts and space management tools

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Keeping count -- and appropriate distances -- in the “new normal”

There have always been good reasons to keep people counts. Knowing the number of customers, patrons or other guests and also the number of employees on virtually any industry’s premise has myriad benefits. People counts can better help you plan for peak hours that patrons will be at your store or restaurant, know which times of day on a manufacturing floor has the greatest productivity in relation to staff on the floor, and can act as critical information for educators in a safety event. That’s just a few reasons to implement people counting automation.


Traditional occupancy counts help with reducing loss prevention and ensuring safety. Beneficial to certain industries, hardware can be integrated with counting applications for people identification and sentiment tracking. And as we’ve learned from recent global events, creating a space management plan with appropriate social distancing is now part of workplace needs.

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People counting equipment and software

WorkWatch has partnered with quality hardware companies to monitor and manage the flow of foot traffic in a workplace and prevent overcrowding. Pair WorkWatch with a people sensor and access a live feed to your workplace and study which areas have the most traffic. Or, use AI-based video processing to manage capacity. 

Space management 

Besides counting people, WorkWatch offers integration with sensors or beacon tracing to help businesses measure proximity and distance between people. WorkWatch is an ideal space management system because it is contactless and accessible to you 24/7 on any device.


Social distancing and area usage

Social distancing and area usage measuring tools can help you plan for better custodial resources and labor use to maximize the health of a work environment. In addition, as more workspaces move to tele-commuting mixed with in-office work, employees can log-in from home and know what desks are available before coming into the office. 

While we may anticipate things returning to normal, will pandemic planning be a part of your precautionary measures from now on? Will it be a requirement of your geographical location? And will your customers want to do business with people who keep social distance safety measures in place? The jury may still be out for some of these questions, but WorkWatch People Counts & Space Management Tools can be an effective part of your everyday people management and special circumstances like pandemic planning.

What benefits can your workplace have from better people counts and space management?

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