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Emergency Management

WorkWatch is prepared for everything with pre-incident planning and instant communication tools.


Awareness is confidence. Know how many people are on campus or in the workplace through automated check-ins.


Record and store emergency contacts secure through Amazon Web Services' cloud, no tech experience necessary.


Customized instant warnings and alerts for specific groups or entire populations.

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Arriving At School

“For our emergency response plan, we need to know who is on site, who is not on site, and who first responders go look for in the event of a fire and emergency. WorkWatch does that for us.”

-Shayne Hale, Director of Facilities at Presentation High School

WorkWatch is designed with you and your community in mind. Our disaster management software is extremely comprehensive, improving your readiness and your awareness for any natural disaster or safety concern.

With WorkWatch, you can finally prepare and respond to whatever 2021 brings with confidence.


Prepare with confidence.

We offer tools like check-in kiosks, face and mask recognition, and secure cloud storage so administrators can have safety information like emergency contacts or who is on site at their fingertips, and can adjust accordingly. Our solutions provide assurance to your community that your school or business takes safety and disaster preparedness very seriously.


Respond efficiently.

WorkWatch also offers efficiency like no other. Should an emergency arise, emails are no help. Our SMS response tools can send warnings and instructions to as many people as needed: from an entire campus made up of thousands of students to a small segment of staff. WorkWatch keeps track of who is on site, how they can be reached, and can even be used to send out warnings and alerts. When it comes to quality emergency management software, no one will ever be left out.

Cutting-edge hardware ensures safety

Our partners create amazing hardware that work seamlessly with WorkWatch software. Thermal cameras, air-circulation sensors, and safety/status signage all work together to keep every corner of your space safe and monitored. These tools also keep your employees well-informed so they can be a part of your solutions and react quickly to any situation.


The WorkWatch Mobile App

Make Emergency Preparedness Solutions work for your entire team

Define your administrative solutions in the WorkWatch application. Then add any team member as a user and install our handy dashboard on their mobile device(s) to:

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Send team members’ automated reminders

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Allow them to check off completed tasks (like filling out emergency contact forms, reading up on new protocols, etc.)

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Receive alerts about natural disasters, air quality issues, or virtually any sensor data you’ve set up in the main application


Packages for Safety Management 

From the offices, to cafeterias, and break rooms, monitoring space and occupancy numbers is key to your workplace or school's safety. WorkWatch offer various solutions -- cameras or SD sensor tags -- for example, to aid you with occupancy management


Our cameras can be set up to monitor mask compliance by employees, support staff, visitors and students. You can customize alerts based on settings you define.


Now every individual attendance or time clock record can be tied to a temperature check and/or symptom survey to ensure best health practices.

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These days, your duties never seem to end. Sometimes, it’s hard to keep track. A workflow automation plan ensures daily tasks -- including those that ensure health and safety -- are completed without fail.

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With WorkWatch, easily create and access reports that help you see both your successes and items that need improvement. No more guessing what solutions will work.


Adding WorkWatch's Disaster Response Solutions to your current system is easy

Administrators and operations have enough on your mind. Let WorkWatch ease your workload by ensuring the health and safety of your community and YOU with our high-quality, easily-integrated, easy-to-operate solutions.

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