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We’ve Got Your Back-to-Normal Automation Checklist

This checklist PLUS WorkWatch’s Workplace Safety Software prepare you for inspection success.

Workplace Safety has always been a priority for food manufacturers. But 2020 took workplace health to an even higher priority level: not just employee health, but plant health and health along the supply chain. 


With WorkWatch’s Workplace Safety Software, we can help you reduce risk, create mitigation and compliance plans, itemize workplace health actions like sanitation and pest control and more to keep workplace health a consistent and automated part of your plant management. And, our “back to normal” checklist offers food manufacturing plant professionals a list of workplace health activities and other FDA workplace compliance needs that can be automated using WorkWatch software in areas like: 


Plant safety 


Quality control


Record keeping and more

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WorkWatch is trusted by companies of all sizes

“ThingLogix helped us offer a product that fits into today’s world – that is connected to the Internet and the cloud. We are able to offer features that people are looking for. At the end of the day, you have a product that you can really be proud of and happy with.”

Martin Amaro
Beacon Technical Systems

Food Manufacturers

You Had Our Backs, Now We’ve Got Yours!

2020. It’s gone, but not forgotten and the food manufacturing industry was highly impacted by global events. More and more families went back to the kitchen and counted on processed and packaged foods to help them normalize anything but normal days.


You had our backs throughout that time. That’s why, at WorkWatch, we’ve got your back-to-normal automation checklist — plus a comprehensive set of workplace compliance requirements to help you automate:


Workplace equipment health checks


Workplace sanitation


Pest control


The long list of other plant safety, workplace health, quality control, record keeping and other compliance rules imposed on you and set by your own policies

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Download it now and start making your plant compliance automation better than back to normal. 

A Cautionary Tale: Food and Beverage Safety In 2020

According to Food Safety News, 2020 saw fewer FDA food inspection violations than 2019. But, what’s clear is that in 2021, all of the top seven categories:

- Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA)
- Foreign Supplier Verification Programs (FSVPs)
- Hazard analysis
- Pest control
- Manufacturing controls
- Personnel
- And all sanitation citations combined

could benefit from the automation software WorkWatch offers. In addition, new traceability rules are going to make using paper processes to monitor food movement along the supply chain obsolete.


WorkWatch: We “walk the line” With You


You’ll need to automate location identifiers, product descriptions, quantities and reference records and more to ensure compliance with new traceability requirements. We use automation to “walk the line” with you every step of the way.

We’ve put together an automation checklist to help you identify opportunities in your facility where automation can support compliance, health & safety and other facilities management tasks. 

If you’d like to see how to automate these tasks via WorkWatch modules — our web application, mobile app, and associated hardware, we can offer you a demonstration any time. 

How Can WorkWatch’s Food Manufacturing Solutions Help

WorkWatch is designed to help you customize the points in your work flow that need automation and integrate seamlessly with your food manufacturing ERP, qa software and other food manufacturing software solutions. In food manufacturing, the applications are many and our downloadable checklist will help you get started on a work flow plan specific to your needs. 

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Food Manufacturing Compliance

Food Manufacturing Quality Assurance

Food Manufacturing Safety

From FDA compliance, to industry established measures like the Global Safety Food Initiative (GFSI),  to your own plants’ best cPMG practices, WorkWatch used as a food manufacturing compliance software can ensure you never miss out on either the expectations set for you by others or by yourself. And our full suite of reporting tools makes sure you can have compliance proof at your fingertips in moments.

In food manufacturing, quality assurance is critical to every aspect of your work flow. Count on WorkWatch to help you build a food manufacturing quality control plan with automated live line checks to ensure QA goals are met. Our modules offer integrated sensors and QR codes as needed to support the software.

Neck and neck with compliance and quality assurance is your need to protect your best food safety network — your employees! Not only can WorkWatch food manufacturing solutions offer automation that protects products leaving your facility, instituting automated safety checks can protect the persons inside who make your business run. From pre-screening health checks to sanitation automation, WorkWatch tools can ensure your floor and employees are protected.

Integrated software and hardware modules offer solutions customized with and for you

At WorkWatch, we take pride in our ability to customize solutions that will integrate with and enhance those that are already working for you. We offer solutions that support your operations needs in the areas of: 


Work flow Automation


Time, Attendance and Access Control


Workplace Health and Infection Control


People Counts & Space Management


Asset & Inventory Management


Lobby Management

And More...


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