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Custodians to Receive 37% Pay Increase

America owes custodians much more than just gratitude. Custodian services are upholding those fast-changing CDC regulations and are tackling all the cleaning concerns a business or school needs to address before reopening. To show some appreciation, the White House will offer a 37% pay increase to 390,000 low-wage federal contractors, including custodians. Our country owes reopening efforts to the hard work of custodians. The minimum wage for federal contractors like custodians does not even come close to the level of effort and dedication custodians bring to the table each and every day. Although it seems the COVID-19 craze is slowing down, the high standard of cleanliness required to operate a business or reopen a school will remain high for the foreseeable future. Custodians must be compensated for their tireless efforts in 2020 alongside their efforts in 2021 and beyond. To compensate custodians accurately, one school has enlisted the help of WorkWatch.

Presentation High School in San Jose, California uses WorkWatch every day as its choice workflow automation software. They use it for checking in students and faculty, emergency preparedness, and, for custodians, workflow automation. Presentation High School’s director of facilities, Shayne Hale, has found WorkWatch especially useful in leveraging his department’s workload. Custodians use the WorkWatch mobile app to check into the room they are cleaning then check out once it has been completed, offering accurate data of how long it takes one person to do a certain task.

This data has helped Hale boost his department’s budget because it brought access to data his school has never had before. When discussing how WorkWatch’s workflow automation software has helped support his team and his department’s budget, Hale stated:

I've recommended (WorkWatch) to other schools just for that purpose, because one thing a lot of schools don't have is the data of the actual how long it takes to clean a classroom. (This data) really helps people in my position either support the current staffing they've got or it helps support when they're asking for more staffing. If they're understaffed, it helps justify that.

With WorkWatch, facilities managers and administrators like Hale can:

  • Set up to do lists and send them out via SMS or email

  • Keep track of to do list items

  • Record how long it took to complete each task

  • Review data analytics with WorkWatch’s data visualization tools

  • Confirm your cleanliness and ensure trust

  • Store and access all this data through Amazon Web Services’ secure cloud storage

Our country is opening financial opportunities to custodians. Let’s create even more opportunities in our own businesses and schools by making smart staffing decisions and doing the research needed to compensate custodians accurately and humanely. Not sure how to start? Follow Presentation High School in choosing WorkWatch.

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