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Physical Distance & Contact Tracing

A Simple wearable-tag solution to make Covid-era worplace distancing and contact tracing easier, and bring peace of mind to organizations of all sizes.


Consistent Distance Measuring Without Worry

Minimal Infrastructure

Contact Tracing

No Location Monitoring, Narrow Data Collection

Private and Secure

Daily Entry Reports

48 Tags

One Charging Base


Complete Solution Available
in Small and Large Quantities

Charging Packs include 48 tags. You can start with smaller quantities for small numbers of employees or we can do large deployments of multiple charging units. Contact us with any questions about quantity price breaks. 
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In this video, we demonstrate the power of the social distancing tags. Here we use our friend Spot from Boston Dynamics to demonstrate the configurable audio and visual alarms.

Automated Physical Distancing

Equip each employee with a thumb-sized wearable tag that provides an audio-visual alert when physical distancing guidelines are not respected. 


Ships with everything you need to get started. Simply place tags in their charger to ensure they are fully charged before distributing. That's it, the system is ready to use. 

When Users Arrive at Work

Workwatch social distancing is a fully self-service system. Simply position your chargers so that users may each collect a tag before entering your facility. Tags can be associated with users by scanning the user's Workwatch Day Pass and then scanning the associated tag with the mobile app.


Tags begin providing physical distancing assistance as soon as they are removed from the charger. 

While at Work

Tags do not use location-tracking technology. Instead, the wearable tags use ultra-accurate radio technology to calculate their distance from each other. This way, tags can alert users (via an audio-visual warning) to breaches in physical distancing guidelines without sacrificing privacy. 

When Leaving

When exiting the facility, users can either return tags for sanitation, or take their tags home to use again the following day. Tags are easy to charge at home with a standard USB-C cable. 

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