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WorkWatch 101: How to Automate Your Records

As IoT professionals, we have been pushing the concept of “awareness is confidence” since we opened ThingLogix in 2014. We have used the mantra “awareness is confidence” to irrigate thousands of agricultural acres in California and ensure efficient solar power usage in Africa, but we also enjoy promoting awareness on a smaller scale in a way that benefits those who work hardest for us. Custodians have worked around the clock to ensure our safe return to school, the workplace, or our favorite shopping mall yet their operations are extremely basic and manual, filled with paper work logs permanently posted in certain areas like a bathroom wall. We have developed WorkWatch, the ultimate environment, health, and safety (EHS) software to promote awareness and boost confidence in every industry, whatever the task may be. One thing we have perfected is automating record keeping.

How does WorkWatch’s automated work log work?

We can design it however you would like, that’s the fun thing about working with us: we will build whatever you need without breaking the bank!

But if you would like to hear about the standard workflow automation process, here’s what has been working for our other customers like Presentation High School:

  • Printing out QR codes and placing one in every room you want to track- we’ll make the QR codes for you, don’t worry!

  • We send out task reminders via SMS or email to your employees. Those reminders can go to a specific person or to an entire department, up to you!

  • Your team goes out to do their tasks. They scan the QR code to “check into” a space then scan as they leave. This process tells us who checked into the space, how long it took them to do the task, and confirms that the task was completed.

Administrators can analyze this data using our data visualization tools. This data can help support:

  • Increasing your custodial or facilities department’s budget

  • Leveraging your staff’s workload

  • Making smarter business decisions

Okay, but is this data safe? What if I get hacked?

All of the data is stored on Amazon Web Services’ secure cloud storage. Nobody unwelcome is getting in there!

This product sounds great, but I don’t think I’d want to automate just one part of my operations. What else can WorkWatch do?

Like we mentioned before, WorkWatch is a fully customizable product so we can build anything you need. Let’s introduce you to our most popular functions:

  • Time and attendance tools for access control

  • People counting and capacity management

  • Asset and inventory management

  • Emergency preparedness

To learn more about WorkWatch, feel free to check out our website or email our team at

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