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At WorkWatch, we take pride in our ability to customize solutions that support meeting restaurant food safety guidelines. We support compliance with health department and all manner of internal food sanitation rules for restaurants.

With meeting food sanitation rules and restaurant guidelines!

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WorkWatch is software that works with the latest and best sensor, imaging and other technologies to meet food, sanitation, health and all safety requirements for restaurants

Food safety requirements for restaurants

WorkWatch software, integrated with QR codes or sensor technology, automates important food safety checks like refrigeration temperatures, sell-by dates on inventory and food sanitization tasks

Restaurant sanitation guidelines

Throw away that nasty back-of-the-bathroom-door checklist. Your sanitization and cleaning procedures are now automated to ensure every employee completes every task.

Health department safety guidelines

Not only are your tasks automated, your ability to showcase compliance to health department safety guidelines is at your fingertips with our comprehensive reporting

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Automate the arduous task of meeting your restaurant’s food safety guidelines

Of all businesses, restaurants are held to the highest standards for health and safety via food sanitation rules. When you automate important food safety checks like refrigeration temperatures, sell-by dates on inventory and food sanitization tasks, meeting these guidelines is no longer an arduous task, but the easiest thing in your day.

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Restaurant sanitation guidelines met? Check!

Does that bathroom checklist on the back of the door get neglected until the end of a shift? What if you could ensure your employees are getting their operations tasks completed in real time, by having them scan a QR code? Or push notifications to employees that it’s time to sanitize the bar, wipe down bar stools and chairs and wash their hands. Then they check off those tasks’ completion from their mobile device. WorkWatch acts as an automated assistant manager to help you meet sanitation guidelines in your restaurant.

The new “normal”? 
Health screenings, temperature checks and social distancing -- oh my!

It may not last, but for the near future, are you bound by compliance regulations from your community that require health screenings,  temperature checks and social distancing? To comply with health surveys, manual temperature checks and social distancing, we offer integration with QR code touchless kiosks and menus, thermal cameras and social distance tags, and offer full reporting data to track your meeting your restaurant's health department safety guidelines. Let us help you navigate this “new normal” affordably.

  • How can my company use Workwatch?
    When used correctly, Workwatch can proactively enhance your company's safety by limiting the risk of transmission from sick individuals. Workwatch thermal screening can help in early detection of COVID-19 (coronavirus) and influenza symptoms by alerting individuals who may not know they have a fever or Elevated Body Temperature (EBT) - one of the key symptoms of COVID-19. Thermal imaging systems have been used in the past by several countries during epidemics including SARS to measure surface skin temperature. Workwatch provides a non-invasive method to check the body temperature of individuals. The solution can do it at much faster rates than hand-held scanners and a greater (potentially safer) distance. In the worplace, the deploymet of Workwatch may even encourage positive behavior with staff more likely to stay at home when they are unwell with a fever.
  • Where do I set up my Workwatch System?
    Workwatch Thermal screening with thermal cameras should be set up in stable environmentally controlled locations (lobbies, hallways, and other key access points), where the temperature is 68-76 °F (20-24 °C) and relative humidity 10-50 percent. Workwatch also supports manual temperature screening using handheld thermometers which allows you to set up your screening checkpoints wherever you'd like.
  • Is my data secure with Workwatch?
    Your data is secured in your own AWS account. Everything is fully encrypted and because you have FULL control over the data and the solution, your Workwatch solution can confirm with your data security policies. Workwatch is built on ThingLogix Foundry running on Amazon Web Services.
  • Can Workwatch screen multiple staff concurrently?
    Workwatch can screen multiple staff and manage multiple screening stations concurrently. We highly recommend that you screen each individual using a checkpoint approach. Thermal cameras work best when you take the temperatures of each individual person.
  • Do I need to be next to my Workwatch camera?
    No. Your screening stations can be set up anywhere in your facility. Workwatch allows you to manage multiple stations from a single point.
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Get A Complimentary Consultation For Your Restaurant

WorkWatch is all about versatility, which is why we want to tell you all about your own, completely customisable compliance package. Let’s brainstorm together and develop a plan to make your workplace as the smartest and safest it can be. 

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