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For your workplace risk, EHS management and compliance plan

WorkWatch is designed to help you build the most effective employee risk, EHS management systems and compliance plans to serve your business’ needs. WorkWatch is software that works for your business by automating these plans.

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WorkWatch is software that supports:

EHS Management Systems

From the health of your patrons to the environmental health and safety management plans for your employees, WorkWatch makes environmental health and safety solutions a priority -- an automated one so nothing slips through the cracks.

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Risk Management

Identify employee risk and automate ways to minimize those risks with WorkWatch

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Workplace Compliance Plans

From equipment checks to shift change checklists -- ensure your employees have automated reminders and reporting of task completions and that management is automatically alarmed if tasks go unfinished. Everyone has a comprehensive, at their fingertips, digital view of compliance plan expectations.

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Risk management software

Your WorkWatch partner will work with you to understand your assessment of the risks at your facility(ies), understanding the likelihood of occurrence, the impact to your business and the potential costs. You can then develop a comprehensive employee risk management system: assign ownership of the tasks to minimize risk, create a risk response plan, see where various tasks are interdependent and prioritize risk threats. And then automate all of it so assignment, completion and reporting is at the tips of everyone’s fingers via mobile and other digital devices. 

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Comprehensive environmental health and safety management

Having environmental health and safety managers are now ubiquitous across most industries. Healthcare, educational institutions and even retail have embraced this role that was largely the purview of the manufacturing industry. We will customize our EHS management software to work with your EHS policies and support your efforts as an EHS manager.

The new “normal”? 
With every compliance plan? The benefit of data.

You’ve automated your employee risk and EHS management systems and your compliance plan. Now you’ve got all of this data. But how does having it help? Enter WorkWatch tracking, reporting and analytics. Need to generate a report to determine which risk management plans are most efficient, cost-effective and working? WorkWatch can be customized to give you data in manageable bites or to provide sweeping analysis over the long-term.

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  • How can my company use Workwatch?
    When used correctly, Workwatch can proactively enhance your company's safety by limiting the risk of transmission from sick individuals. Workwatch thermal screening can help in early detection of COVID-19 (coronavirus) and influenza symptoms by alerting individuals who may not know they have a fever or Elevated Body Temperature (EBT) - one of the key symptoms of COVID-19. Thermal imaging systems have been used in the past by several countries during epidemics including SARS to measure surface skin temperature. Workwatch provides a non-invasive method to check the body temperature of individuals. The solution can do it at much faster rates than hand-held scanners and a greater (potentially safer) distance. In the worplace, the deploymet of Workwatch may even encourage positive behavior with staff more likely to stay at home when they are unwell with a fever.
  • Where do I set up my Workwatch System?
    Workwatch Thermal screening with thermal cameras should be set up in stable environmentally controlled locations (lobbies, hallways, and other key access points), where the temperature is 68-76 °F (20-24 °C) and relative humidity 10-50 percent. Workwatch also supports manual temperature screening using handheld thermometers which allows you to set up your screening checkpoints wherever you'd like.
  • Is my data secure with Workwatch?
    Your data is secured in your own AWS account. Everything is fully encrypted and because you have FULL control over the data and the solution, your Workwatch solution can confirm with your data security policies. Workwatch is built on ThingLogix Foundry running on Amazon Web Services.
  • Can Workwatch screen multiple staff concurrently?
    Workwatch can screen multiple staff and manage multiple screening stations concurrently. We highly recommend that you screen each individual using a checkpoint approach. Thermal cameras work best when you take the temperatures of each individual person.
  • Do I need to be next to my Workwatch camera?
    No. Your screening stations can be set up anywhere in your facility. Workwatch allows you to manage multiple stations from a single point.
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Get A Complimentary Consultation For Your Facility

WorkWatch is all about versatility, which is why we want to tell you all about your own, completely customisable compliance package. Let’s brainstorm together and develop a plan to make your workplace as the smartest and safest it can be. 

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