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Expect hybrid learning and temperature checks to become the norm this fall

California Matters reported on the recent guidance provided to schools. Parents and students should expect a mix of online and and classroom learning as schools plan for a much different type of re-opening in the fall. State superintendant of Public Instruction, Tony Thurmond described the 62-page document as a checklist for schools to consider. The recommendations illustrate a number of drastic changes that will need to be made for students to return to classrooms.

Here's how California Schools might change this fall:

Instruction - In order to reduce class sizes, schools would adopt hybrid scheduling where students alternate between in-class instruction and distance learning. Desks inside classrooms would be spaced six feet apart.

Transportation - Seating capacity would be reduced to help ensure social distancing. One seating option could mean a "zigzag pattern" with one student in each row siting on alternating sides of the bus.

Screening - Either on the bus or at the school entrance, students would undergo temperature screenings using no-touch thermometers and be asked about any potential symptoms.

Protection - Students and educators would wear face coverings at all times throughout the school day.

Recess - Schools would increase supervision to ensure social distancing, and P.E. classes could be limited to activities that do not require physical contact or sharing equipment.

Lunch - Schools would either serve meals in the classroom to reduce interactions, or stagger lunch times to limit cafeteria crowds.

Sanitation - Students would frequently wash their hands throughout the day, and schools would install portable handwashing stations to reduce bathroom crowding. 

Source: Guidance from the California Department of Education, "Stronger Together: A Guidebook for the Safe Reopening of California's Public Schools"

More information and the complete article can be found here.

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