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The New Not So Normal

Our world has changed more in six months than it has in ten years. Six months ago, we could leave our homes without donning a mask. Now, masks are our new essential tools, like cell phones, and we feel lost when we leave the house without them or forget them in the car. There was a certain control over our lives that we never thought could be taken away so swiftly. We are constantly processing the trauma of living through a pandemic and an economic recession; these feelings of anxiety and isolation will only continue through the upcoming cold and flu season if we continue to strive for our previous standard of living. It is time to admit to ourselves we are too far gone.

So we do what humans have done for 200,000 years: we adapt.

Preventative measures have been wonderful catalysts for a better standard of living. New York City subways are being sanitized for the first time in years, shopping carts are wiped after each use, and we are exploring technological achievements that can make our lives easier as we build a safer community. To survive, businesses large and small had to quickly are embracing a plethora of tools and protocols. Pre-entry screening, temperature checks, social distancing enforcement, and labor management may not have been in the job description, but they will be for the next few years.

We have been applying sensor and AI technology to problems for years. This pandemic was uniquely challenging. The disruption affected every person, and every industry. Changing and evolving guidance and fast moving media driven updates have put companies and people at risk. To make COVID Policy and general infection control easier for every level of management, ThingLogix’s Workwatch compliance tools validate screening data, symptom surveys, and other vital safety regiments in one place. These compliance tools and regulations may be new, but they are not post-apocalyptic. They are overdue.

Compliance tools like Workwatch put people first because they keep track of the overwhelming data without the headaches or the paperwork. Technology has proved that protecting a re-opening workplace is easier than we believed. It is possible to administer screenings, temperature checks, symptom surveys, and more from your phone. These preventative technologies are here to stay.

This chapter in human history that requires us to take care of ourselves so we can better serve others. When a student’s temperature is too high or an employee is battling a thick cough, they are actually encouraged to stay home. The pandemic blew open doors to compassion and awareness that had been tightly shut. While we utilize compliance technology to safely reopen our businesses and schools, the ultimate goal is not to go back to the way things were, but how we can do and be better for the years to come.

By - Jaqueline Luberto

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